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The Mission

"A History of Your Thoughts" takes you on a journey through time, uncovering the pivotal moments that have shaped our identities today. This channel offers a comprehensive examination of the historical and cultural origins of our beliefs, attitudes, and thought processes.

From ancient civilizations to the complexities of modern-day society, the show scrutinizes the cultural and historical influences that have molded our perceptions of the world and our roles within it. By delving into the origins of our social norms, "A History of Your Thoughts" aims to provide viewrs with a deeper comprehension of the roots of their own thinking and the ways they've been shaped by their surroundings.

Join us on a voyage through the history of human thought and culture with "A History of Your Thoughts."

Hello, I'm Faye.

I'm a film maker and writer from the UK and I'm obsessed by the way we think. Join me on a journey through history to explore how history has shaped all of us, from the way we think, from our favorite foods to our biggest dreams. 

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