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The history channel exploring the way we think.

Introducing "A History of Your Thoughts" – the channel that delves deep into the ideas that have shaped our identities and societies. In each episode, we unravel a social norm, trace its historical roots, and examine the forces that have moulded it over time.

How eating meat got so masculine

How eating meat got so masculine

Why do men feel like they have to eat lots of meat? In this episode, we explore the connection of meat and masculinity. Exploring how meat eating has come to be a symbol of power, status and health for men. Subscribe and turn on notifications ๐Ÿ”” so you don't miss any videos. Read more: Books Meathooked: Meatonomics: Why Do Men Barbecue?: Recipes for Cultural Psychology - Studies Meat makes men feel masculine - Female hunters - Male fertility - Socials: Follow on Instagram: Follow on tiktok: About our host: Faye Fillingham is a writer and filmmaker from Brighton, UK. Her interests lie in tracing the history of culture, ideology and social norms. She holds a BA in the History of Art and an MA in Social and Political Thought from The University of Sussex. Follow on Instagram: #MeatAndMasculinity #CulturalHistory #DietAndIdentity #FoodPsychology #MasculineIdentity
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